Women are held to higher standards

You are much more likely to be hired for any position if you can save the firm the time needed to train you for the job.
This is just as important if you are raising your own fund—institutional investors expect you to know as much as they do.

What is in the program for you:

Pace and length you determine

Don't choose from too short programs where you learn too little, and too long programs that you can't wait to finish

In-depth explanations

The most exhausting collection of material in the market that covers the entire venture investing process from A to Z

Reasonable tuition fee

Invest the rest of your money in startups instead of paying for other existing much more expensive programs

Who should enroll:

Next generation venture investors
to learn what's right and wrong with the current state of venture capital investing

Entrepreneurs considering venture funding
to learn all the motives and drives of investors and potential caveats to watch out for  

Angel and corporate investors
to employ the best venture capital practices in their operations

Executives at corporate M&A and business development
to understand the other side of the table for better deal-making

Economic development officials
to create more opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in their jurisdiction

Executives and owners of family business
to find new ways of increasing the value of the business and family's wealth  

Service providers: attorneys, accountants, consultants
to expand the spectrum and quality of services they provide

Everybody will get:

In-depth knowledge and insights

Textbook and recent case studies

Guidance and advice of acting venture investors

We are here to answer your questions

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Vibhuti Batra Analyst, India

Really liked your simple and crisp approach in explaining complex subjects. You're doing an amazing job!

Junaid A. HSBC, Hong Kong

It is a great initiative and I am quite impressed by it. What you are doing will absolutely create a powerful impact in the VC space.

Elizabeth A. Attorney, Nigeria

I'm indeed grateful and shared this opportunity with other legal practitioners who, like me, have practice in venture capital and private equity.